Complete Mold And Mildew Remover Killer Kit: RMR-86 Black Stain control Cleaner Removal Spray, Drill Brush Power Scrubber Attachment Set, 1 3M N95 Particle respirator Mask, 1 Thick Medium Latex Gloves

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Sale Price $35.99
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Do you have mold that no matter what refuses to go away? Do you want professional mold removal but don’t want to pay the cost of a professional?

Then we have you covered with this complete mold remover kit:

Included in this exclusive bundle is:

  • 1 RMR 86 Mold Remover
  • 1 4” Drill Brush
  • 1 3.5” Drill Brush
  • 1 2” Drill Brush
  • 1 3M N95 Mask
  • 1 Pair Medium Thick Latex Gloves

Be ready to be wowed by this HeroFiber exclusive bundle.