Fujifilm instax Square SQ6 Instant Film Camera (Pearl White) + 3 Color Filters + Carrying Case + 2 Batteries + Strap + HeroFiber Ultra Gentle Cleaning Cloth

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  • This kit includes 10 items; Fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ6 Instant Film Camera, 3 Flash Color filters, 2 Batteries, Xtech Camera Case with Pocket and Strap, Fujifilm Camera Shoulder strap, 5pc Dlx Cleaning Kit & HeroFiber Ultra Gentle Cleaning Cloth
  • Memorable photos by utilizing “1 to 1" aspect ratio - Allows more of the background and atmosphere to be included in the photos with wider photo range compared to card sized instax mini film
  • Automatic Exposure Control - enables the background as well as the subject to be captured brightly. Macro Mode - Allows short-range shooting up to a minimum of 30cm. Landscape Mode - Allows long-range shooting from a minimum of 2m
  • Double Exposure Mode - By pressing the shutter twice, two images can be overlapped on one
  • 3 flash color filters (Orange/Purple/Green) - Attaching a filter over the flash will give your pictures a unique and textured coloring


    The Instax square SQ6 is the first Analog instant camera within the Instax square lineup. It is the perfect tool for users who want to be creative and use instant photos to express themselves and their everyday moments on a square film format. The 1: 1 square format Instax square SQ6 captures the beauty in each and every moment, so that you can cherish those memories for a lifetime. With square format, there's no need to waste a precious moment deciding whether to capture it in portrait or landscape - just pick up the camera and snap. And at 1.5x the size of Instax Mini prints, there's plenty of room to set the scene.
    Features: * Automatic exposure - adjustment function that is activated when the shutter button is pressed. It detects the ambient brightness and adjusts to provide the optimum shutter speed and flash light intensity. * Selfie mode - settings will be adjusted to the optimum focus and brightness. There’s a self-shot mirror attached to the side of the lens allowing you to check the shooting range. * A Tripod hole - in the bottom and a timer can be also useful for group photos. * 3 modes - “Double Exposure Mode” allows 2 photos to be overlapped on a single film when the shutter button is pressed twice, “Macro Mode” can take short-range photos up to a minimum of 30cm, “Landscape Mode” can be used to take long-range landscape photos. * 3 flash color filters (orange/purple/green) - once placed over the flash will change the color of the overall photo, allowing you to achieve a more unique and textured photo

    P.S. Requires Instax Square Instant Film (NOT included)

    What’s in the box:
    - Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 Instant Camera
    - 3 Flash Color filters (orange/purple/green)
    - 2 Panasonic CR2 Batteries
    - Xtech Well Padded Camera Case with Pocket & Strap
    - Fujifilm Camera Shoulder strap
    - 5pc Deluxe Lens Care & Cleaning Kit
    - HeroFiber® Ultra Gentle Cleaning Cloth
    - Camera Owner's Manual