RCA Digital Alarm Clock for Bedrooms with Huge Numbers, Brightness Control, Loud & Full-width Snooze Button + Back-up Battery + HeroFiber Gentle Cleaning Cloth

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  • This Kit Includes: RCA Digital Alarm Clock, 9V Battery (for back-up when there's a short power outage), HeroFiber Ultra Gentle Cleaning Cloth & User Manual
  • SIMPLE INTERFACE: with Easy-To-Use Control Buttons; 3 switches Alarm/DimmerSet
  • LOUD RING SOUND: Loud and somewhat annoying which is great for the heavy sleeper
  • CUSTOMIZABLE DISPLAY: High/low display brightness control, HUGE numbers are easy to see from across the room
  • WIDE SNOOZE BUTTON: ease to find, gives you another 9 minutes of sleep


    A Simple and Easy-to-use Alarm Clock
    This simple, easy to use, streamlined alarm clock offers a simple interface, a large customizable display with HUGE numbers, an extremely loud (and somewhat annoying) ring, A wide snooze button and battery Back-up.

    Simple Interface - with the easy to use control buttons you can figure this out without reading the manual. There are just 3 slide buttons on the back.
    1) Alarm: On/Off
    2) Dimmer: high/low
    3) Set: Time set, Alarm set, Lock
    On the top front is a large snooze button. One side of the Snooze bar has the HR (hour) to set, and the other side of the Snooze bar is the MIN (minute) to set depending on whether the slide switch on the back is set to time or alarm. It’s that simple.
    The Large Display has huge numbers so you can see the time from across the room. The display is customizable with a high/low brightness control to make it suitable for your comfort.
    The ringer sound is very loud and somewhat annoying which is great for the heavy sleeper. The snooze button is wide so it’s easy to find, and gives you another 9 minutes of sleep.

    Display: Digital
    Color: Unit: black, Text: red
    Text height size: 1.4”
    Snooze: 9 Minutes
    Power: AC wall Plug
    Power Supply: 120v – 60Hz
    Power Consumption: 5 Watt
    Dimensions: (W x H x D) 5.12” x 3.25” x 2.03” inches
    Weight: 0.55 lbs